giovedì 25 novembre 2010

Marvel Wip

this is a Wip …I taked the basemesh from Ulysses and fixed with an athletic man. I would like to make a tribute to the Marvel Comics and you ll see…soon

Hereby the page where are more news about it: 


Ulysses (Anatomy - nudity)

this is my training project about the human anatomy. I studied on a lot of books ( one of the best Anatomy for the Artist by Sarah Simblet) and with Zbrush I made this old man. I made focus on the body and i left a easy face, this is my Ulysses.


High resolution:

Mr Corpse Bride

Recently I watched the Corpse Bride movie . It's amazing movie , I like so much Tim Burton and  I thinked to make a tribute. I made it in 2 days and 1 day for details in Zbrush and UV/Textures. It was so funny to do it. I hope u like it

Enjoy !!

High resolution :

domenica 21 novembre 2010

Fiorano 599 Abu Dhabi Ferrari World

The F599 was a projects for the Museum in Abu Dhabi Ferrari World.
When the projects was done I tried to made it again on my Mac.
I used the internet references , a lot of work specially for the interior mesh, next step : rendering...but now I have no more time for it

America Ship

I made this Environment/Scenes quickly.
I used Maya for the objetcs RealFlow for the waterdrops and the Compositing : Photoshop, AfterEffects and Shake.
It's a very easy scenes how u can see it just a few lights and no high poly .This is my ship in the storm...



I want to show u this very funny artwork. I made Jon with my friend Lorenzo Milito(amazing illustrator)

He made the character in maya and after we worked about the:
Compositing and Layout

so this is the effect...everything made in maya(compositing in Shake and AfterEffects and Photoshop)
I hope u like it

Cranium Anatomy

This is a project that I worked this summer ago. I started from a cube and step by step I put more division and details. I used Standard, Clay tube , Clay Brushes for it...

High resolution :

Africa: Zeelen


Zeelen is a project about the Africa face anatomy. I thinked to make a girl from old tribe.
It was just a test for this I left her without details(and with a strange head).


This is my first post on my Blog.
I want to show u my Zlion , it's a easy project to improve my skill with ZBrush.I started this project when I read the Scott Spencer's book. I made it on my MacBook Pro in a few days starting from an easy plane.
I used just Standard, Clay, Pinch, Flatten Brushes.

I hope u like it Blog

today I m starting to upload my 3d artwork, Wip, drawings, troughts..
You are welcome in my blog
have fun